Creative Flow

I refuse to live as half of myself because other people can't handle all of me. -Rachel Hollis

Tap into creative flow through music, art, writing, and meditation. When you allow your mind to fall quiet into mundane tasks or concentrate on creative activities the gates of creativity open.

Moving the needles musings

Writing and Journaling are powerful tools to tap into creative flow. I've been attending virtual creative writing sessions with Moving the Needles and here are some of my favorite drafts! 

Prompt: What gives me joy 

"I was born Catherine Yauli Chang, however, my name has undergone many reinventions -- eventually landing on Melody Joy Chang. From a young age I gave myself the nickname "Happy" because I felt Catherine seemed drab/stuffy and I wanted to remind those around me to be happy! Then it came time to legalize my name and my mom suggested that "Happy Chang" was a name for dogs, so eventually we agreed upon Melody Joy. Fast forward to 2020, a global pandemic forced us to shelter in place and I've been doing a lot of soul searching to get to know myself better and part of that requires me to understand what sparks real joy in my life. 
-My first love has always been music, I love that it's a universal language that can move people even when their brains don't function like they are supposed to, like in the case of Alzheimer's patients.
-I also have been enjoying growing plants and observing the magic and resilience of nature. Especially plant propagating from produce. When vegetables are nearing the end of their life cycle (ie. ending up in my tummy or tossed in the trash) Mother Nature has built in a reset button to give chance to new life.
-I also enjoy heartful conversations that deepen my relationships and connecting my friends from various networks together." (June 2020)

PROMPT: I am unapologetic about

"I am unapologetic about connecting with a stranger with a kind smile. When was the last time you laughed? Like rolling on the floor about to pee your pants kinda laughing. The kinda laughing that makes you realize that you have abs where there weren't before..." (June 2020)

PROMPT: My greatest love story

"My greatest love story is the one where I meet my future life partner... My greatest love story is the one where I fall in love with myself, all of the multiple personalities and facets of my being. How kind, empathetic, and generous I am. How eager to learn, grow, and to serve my community and to bravely dig deep, break my inner workings, and rebuild it back together again. When I follow with my full faith and believe in my intuition, my capabilities, and my genius! I can make miracles happen, I can do anything I put my mind to. People value my wisdom, opinions and ideas. I am brilliant! I am so creative! My light shines so bright people need sunglasses around me.
I love myself and don't need validation or approval from anyone else because I can provide that for myself. It's an honor to experience life hand in hand with myself and manifesting my dreams into reality beyond the vision I can even dream up on paper. I vow to always take the best care of myself, listen, give space, do what sparks joy, stay in alignment in consideration of my future higher self, speak up, let my voice be heard, keep moving forward in pursuit of my wildest dreams, keep shining sparkling infinitely..." (July 2020)

PROMPT: The GREATEST Moments of my Life

"The greatest moments of my life are whenever I speak up for myself, my belief and values. Whenever I create boundaries and take care of myself. Growing up I've always been a people pleaser and considered myself a chameleon adaptable and agreeable so as to not disturb the peace. My mom is the strongest female role model in my life. As a single mom and immigrant she always fought to survive and take on way more than the average person could handle and she did it all with flying colors. However, as you could imagine with strong juggling skills of being a mother, father, caregiver, chauffeur, and breadwinner she provided me with strong discipline and high expectations of me growing up. So I chose to blend in for acceptance, suppress my own wishes to make things easier on her. My current experience in unravelling and getting in touch with myself has been a challenging journey. Habits are tough to unlearn. Those habits I'm undoing include not voice my opinions or feeling overly guilty when I get what I want; I always felt like my wins are losses at the detriment of other people, setting boundaries; growing up I found myself stuck out of fear of appearing rude whenever I was listening to adults rant on and on about subjects I don't care about..." (July 2020)


  • In 2020
  • What gives me joy
  • I am unapologetic about
  • The world I want to live in
  • What are compliments you want/crave to hear the most?
  • To the me 5 years ago
  • I am feeling
  • What I would bring to a potluck?
  • The bravest thing I've done
  • If I had 3 wishes
  • I'm learning
  • A letter to your future grandchildren
  • A letter to your past grandparents
  • What is your Superpower?
  • Without ___ I would
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Dear ___, I promise I will
  • Random Object
  • If I had a magic wand
  • The greatest/worth moment in my life
  • If I could invent anything
  • Believe it or not
  • I have a dream that
  • I am proud of
  • My greatest love story is